Apr 11, 2011

Brendon Hayden Interview

I recently was able to ask a few questions to Brendon Hayden, a senior at Wilmot Union High School and Virginia Tech recruit. 
BAW:  Do you consider yourself a pitcher or position player first?

Brendon:  Well I like both pitching and playing a position and I work really hard at both to become the best all around player I can be. So I really can not decide between them.

BAW:  Did you feel any pressure being the only Wisconsin player at the area code games?

Brendon:  I did not feel any pressure for being the only one from Wisconsin to be selected to play at the Area Code Games. It was a real honor and something I will always remember being a part of.

BAW:  Do you have any tips for youth baseball players hoping to get into a D1 program?

Brendon:  I would like to tell younger kids who have a desire to play college baseball, not only at the D1 level but all levels, to always work hard on the field, in the class room, and in the weight room. Once you do that and the season comes around have fun and play your game. There's always a place for you to play, you just have to find that right fit.

BAW:   Can you tell me the toughest Wisconsin hitter and pitcher you have faced so far?

Brendon:  The toughest hitter I have faced so far is hands down Joe Sturino from Waterford. He knows how to fight pitches off and take advantage of any mistakes you give him. As for the toughest pitcher that would be Sam Mahar of Tremper. He's not only a crafty lefty but he can bring the heat at will.

BAW:  Why did you choose Virginia Tech?

Brendon:  I chose Virginia Tech because it is a great academic school with a beautiful campus, and the coaches, facilities, and atmosphere  will help me succeed as a student and athlete.

Thanks Brendon for taking the time to do this interview with me.  

Apr 5, 2011


As you have probably noticed I have added scoreboards from GameChanger.  It wont let me add the whole state all at once, and I have to add some more zip codes to get the state covered.  In the mean time if you use GameChanger and want to be added then click on the appropriate scoreboard and add yourself.   I see they now have a beta out in the Android Marketplace. 

Apr 3, 2011

Todays Update

Butler may be one of the top dogs in the NCAA basketball tournament, but UWM took two out of three games against them this weekend on the baseball diamond.  Doug Dekoning is still leading them in most offensive categories and has yet to commit an error in the field.  Chad Pierce  has 35 strikeouts and only 9 walks in 7 starts this spring. 

UW La Crosse won three and lost one against UW Stout to improve their record to 11-4.  They face off against UW Oshkosh next weekend for a pair of doubleheaders.

The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers kick off their season on April 7th.  They have announced their roster to start the season.  The Timber Rattlers always seem to be a step ahead of everyone when it comes to improving the experience for fans.  Now they have unveiled the Rattlers In Game mobile phone app.  It will do many things including letting you order food from your seat and helping pick what songs play at the stadium. 

Mar 25, 2011

Scorekeeping Apps

Has anyone used a smartphone app to keep score at a baseball game?  I would love to hear people's opinions on ones they have used before.  From what I can tell there are three major apps people use.
  • iScore comes from ESPN and also comes in a basketball version.  It currently is available for the IPod touch, IPhone, and Android phones.  
  • Pointstreak K-Force is another option for those with Ipod, Iphone, or Ipads.  They make a pc program also to sort through all the data you collect on the go. 
I currently dont have a phone capable of using any of these programs.  I would love to hear in the comments from anyone that has used on of them.  I am putting together my GameChanger scoreboard to try and have on my blog so let me know if you use that so I can add your team.  

Mar 18, 2011

Friday's Links

Maryvale Baseball Park, spring home of the Brewers

Mar 15, 2011

Today's Links

Make sure you check out my friends at the Wisconsin College Baseball Network for the most comprehensive source of college baseball news in Wisconsin. 

I am now on Twitter.  Follow me @baseball_wi .

Another great site to check out is Minor League Ball. John Sickels knows so much about minor league prospects.